Sunday, 12 August 2012

degrees of separation

So after setting up my blog, I wanted to be able to show my photos and have a easy link to them from my blog.  But I soon realised I have my jewelry mixed in with my holiday photos and I`m assuming not everyone wants to trawl through all of those, so decided to start another Flickr account for BritChic Jemz.
Simple enough, now how do I get the photos from one Flickr account to the other?
Well, we live in the country so no unlimited bandwidth for us, so how do I do this without having to upload everything again which would mean having to find them among the multitude of laptops, netbooks and SD cards....note to self, remember to back-up the computers.
Eureka!!, I found an online app called Social Photos which allowed me to copy to Google+ from one Flickr account then back from Google+ to my new Flickr....awesome!
social photos

They can now be found on Flickr or better still on GabryRoad.

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