Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hop to It!...It's the Gabry Road Blog Hop

Hi, Welcome to the Gabry Road Blog Hop and Treasure Hunt.

Some of the Gabry Road Boutiques have come together to help spread the word about the wonderful handmade Canadian goodness that can be found on Gabry Road. 

Each boutique brings something special and unique for that special someone including yourself.

At BritChic Jemz, my jewelry is my creative outlet and each piece is made with love and care.
I am self-taught and like to try different techniques, so some of the pieces may seem a bit eclectic. You can check out some of the pieces that have sold or became gifts in my Flickr -Jewelry for Fun photos.
I like working with wire and enjoy the challenge of turning a straight piece of metal into something unique, or to repurpose something and give it a new lease of life.  If you would like customised pieces such as for a wedding party or other special occasion, please drop me a line and let me know.

I hope you find the right, chic piece for your special someone.  

My clue is "CLUE #7: There is something to be said about sitting under the shade of
beautiful oak tree.  It can breath new life into you." and remember to leave a comment.

To finish up the Treasure Hunt please go back to the Gabry Road blog.

Thanks to Shannon and Rosa for getting us organised.

The full list for the Blog Hop is shown below if you have missed a blog, or still have a clue to solve you can link back here:

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Jennifer at Sandpiper Memories -
Johanne at Jody Jo Girl -
Shannon at Art Freckles  -
Wendy at Dragonfly Dreamers -
Jeanette at BritChic Jemz - ***You are Here***
Gabry Road Blog -  *** Go here next ***

Have fun exploring the other blogs and boutiques and come back soon.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rhapsody in blue

Coming soon to my boutique on Gabry Road is my Chainmaille Rhapsody in Blue bracelet which is a handmade silver-plated chainmaille bracelet with wire-wrapped turquoise chips and blue opaque crystals.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Wired Up

This is a necklace made using my Wired Up Beads and some findings from Michaels. This was my first time using rat-tail cord, and I probably wouldn't have bought it separately.
I've been wondering what to do with the copper wire twists from Michaels and this works quite nicely.
So overall, I'm quite happy the outcome and like the result of the fresh copper against the antiqued.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

degrees of separation

So after setting up my blog, I wanted to be able to show my photos and have a easy link to them from my blog.  But I soon realised I have my jewelry mixed in with my holiday photos and I`m assuming not everyone wants to trawl through all of those, so decided to start another Flickr account for BritChic Jemz.
Simple enough, now how do I get the photos from one Flickr account to the other?
Well, we live in the country so no unlimited bandwidth for us, so how do I do this without having to upload everything again which would mean having to find them among the multitude of laptops, netbooks and SD cards....note to self, remember to back-up the computers.
Eureka!!, I found an online app called Social Photos which allowed me to copy to Google+ from one Flickr account then back from Google+ to my new Flickr....awesome!
social photos

They can now be found on Flickr or better still on GabryRoad.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New to blogging

So I received an invitation from Shannon at and Gabry Road to join a blog-hop but I didn't have any idea what a blog hop was and didn't have a blog to add to the hop, so here I go trying to figure out what a blog really is and does.

I just received a new ring mandrel and the week 7 goody box from Wired Up Beads.

Spent the day in Ottawa and visited Rainbow Minerals too, so now it's time to do something with them.